Keep Your Assets Safe in Mamou & Eunice, LA & Surrounding

Keep Your Assets Safe in Mamou & Eunice, LA & Surrounding

Install high-security fencing

A security fence can be one of the most important things you invest in at your place of business. Pro Built Construction installs high-security fences at commercial properties in the area. When you contact us, we’ll set up a time to come out and inspect your property so we can advise you on how best to protect your space with a fence. Call 337-655-9639 to schedule a meeting with our fence construction pros.

3 benefits of barbed wire fencing

At Pro Built Construction, we install high-security barbed wire fences for commercial property owners in our part of Louisiana. Barbed wire fencing offers business owners:

  1. Security. The sharp points on barbed wire fences serve as a deterrent to intruders.
  2. Pest control. Barbed wire also discourages wild animals like raccoons, who might otherwise rummage through your trash.
  3. Ease of upkeep. Once installed, barbed wire fences don’t require much maintenance to remain functional.
However simple the upkeep may be, barbed wire is still a dangerous material and should only be installed by a professional. Contact Pro Built Construction in Mamou & Eunice, LA to schedule a barbed wire fence installation at your property.